Custom Live Performance Sequencer

I’ve been seeing many people perform recently with sequencer type setups, meaning a song will play through a straight path or specific ‘sequence,’ allowing the performer to play the original sequence as it is, or manipulate the pattern in real time.

This idea is based off of analog or digital sequencer machines, and it’s super fun to apply this idea to a fully hands on controller, like the Ableton Push as I used in the video in this post. You can use any controller, or even Key Map these clips to a QWERTY keyboard, what ever works for you. But the main point is to apply a human feel to this machine type setup. 

If you stop, the music stops.

Check out the video above for the full talk on this topic, and feel open to leave any questions or thoughts below in the comment section.

Also, the best way to make use of these ideas is to apply them right away.

If you record any videos of your setup, feel free to post a link below in the comments for any feedback, or on the public thread for others to check out. For any instagram posts, tag @joshbess_insta

As for some free downloads:

・This video is available for full HD download, so you can take it on the go, and watch it anywhere you’d like, rather than streaming it from here. (It’s a 15 minute video, so you can avoid some buffering for those slow internet connections)

・The music used in this video is “GTA - Red Lips (ft. Sam Bruno) (Skrillex Remix) DUSTED by Dusty Bits”. The tune is available for Free Download right now from Dusty Bits, so you can check that out here

Here’s a download link for this tune as well:

More Things To Learn From:

・My Book: For more ideas on creating various drum grooves, understanding swing, feel, and other related topics on rhythm, you can read about these ideas in my book, Electronic Dance Music Grooves, released with Hal Leonard Publishing. Click Here For a Free Book Preview.

・This video on warping: Not familiar with Warping in Ableton Live? Check out this video here. Coincidentally, the one free video sample from my DJ course on is a free sample demonstrating how to Warp in Ableton Live 9. Enjoy!

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