Quick Tip: How To Hide Ableton Live Track Number

Here’s a quick tip that I’m asked very often:

I see many people trying to figure it out as well. It’s simply hiding the number within the Track Title bar of a track in Ableton Live. Since Ableton automatically writes this number in, there's a little work-around to hide it.

I’ve created a video to help you through this with a few basic steps.

Here’s the idea summed up in text:

Why This Happens:

・When there is an instrument device within a MIDI Track in Ableton Live, Ableton Live will automatically title the track by the title of the device, by default. 

・Ableton also has a built in function that automatically numbers the track, depending on the track order position.

How To Avoid This:

・Change the title of the track, to something different than the device. This will hide the track number, within the Track Title Bar

・If you want the titles of the device and track to be the same, without the number, then do the following:

  1. Rename the Device, to something different than the original name.
  2. Rename the Track to any name you’d like.
  3. Rename the Device again to match the Track Title.


For more on this, check the video above〜

Josh Bess